Hearing Tests/Services

Audiological Evaluation

An audiological evaluation is comprised of speech testing and pure-tone testing. Speech testing evaluates the softest level the patient can hear and understand speech. It also evaluates the patient’s ability to discriminate. Sometimes single words are used. Sometimes sentences are used. Pure-tone testing measures the patient’s ability to hear tones at a variety of frequencies or pitches.

Middle Ear Assessments

Middle ear assessments are important in determining medical conditions for hearing loss. Testing may include tympanometry, acoustic reflexes, or reflex decay.

Hearing Aid Evaluations

Testing may include components of an audiological evaluation as well as additional speech tests. Functional hearing will be evaluated and goals established for aided hearing.

Hearing Aid Checks

Checks include cleaning of the instruments and validation of hearing aid performance.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Repairs include in-office repairs and assisted manufacturer repairs. Depending on the type of hearing aid and the nature of the repair, some may be performed in house. Others require the assistance of the manufacturer.

Ear Impressions

Ear impressions are required for custom products including in-the-ear hearing aids, earmolds, musician’s earplugs, and hearing protection.