Get “In the Loop” and “Hear the Difference”

Hearing Loops are Designed to Interact with Hearing Aids

Hearing Loops use Induction Technology to transmit sound from a PA system directly to the individual’s hearing aid through the T-coil. LOOP systems are comparable to WI-FI. An area is “looped” and inside that ‘LOOP” the publicly transmitted signal can be received through a tiny wire inside the hearing aid. That wire is a telecoil (SEE previous Blog). Not all hearing aids have telecoils, check with your audiologist if you are unsure.

LOOP Systems Can Broadcast Audio Sound Everywhere

LOOP systems are a means to improve the listening experience of the hearing impaired patron in public places. Common places include theaters, courtrooms, churches, civic centers, drive-thru’s, check-in counters, even taxis. Not only are public places appropriate for “LOOPING”, but personal systems work great at home, especially for TV.

LOOP Systems Give Your Visitors The Best Audio Reception

A common complaint of the hearing impaired is difficulty hearing “in background noise”. Public venues are problematic because of distance, reverberation, and background noise. LOOPS improve clarity and lessen fatigue caused by concentration. Recent studies at Johns Hopkins find reduced cognitive abilities with impaired hearing due to cognitive overload. “If hearing loss imposes a cognitive load, there may be fewer cognitive resources to help with other activities.”

Advantages for Using Induction LOOPS

  • No extra equipment for the t-coil equipped hearing aid user.
  • No limit to the number of individuals that may simultaneously use the system.
  • No seclusion. The wearer can interact with family and friends at the same time.
  • Improved safety. The wearer can be more aware of warning signals (fire alarms, sirens, door bells, and phones).
  • Compatible with receivers for those needing extra assistance but not wearing hearing aids.

Please note induction loops are not the same as FM or infrared technology.

Public places with Induction LOOP systems often display this universal sign:

If you know of a venue you frequent that could assist their patrons with this technology, please let us know by filling out our form below. Alternatively, if you would like to find out more about LOOPS for your own home or loved one please contact us here.

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