A Healthy Start Is The Best Start

For older folks, the Labor Day Holiday signals the start of the school season based on our childhood school calendars, but today’s kids are already in the routines of bed, bath, and bus stop calendars for the current academic year.

Moms, nutritionists, and teachers advocate for a healthy breakfast to start the day.  Obstetricians advocate for medical oversight and prenatal vitamins in pregnancy to promote a healthy newborn.  Coaches and fans know the importance of striking early in an athletic contest and the correlation with victory.  Doctors advocate for early intervention in disease treatment and management.  Educators advocate for early childhood instruction.  The list goes on and on.

I would like to draw attention to the correlation between academic success, literacy, and hearing loss.  Health screenings at school generally occur early in the academic year.  Mild and minimal hearing losses have been linked to academic performance.  37% of children with minimal hearing loss have failed at least one grade.  8% are judged to be performing below grade level.  Children who have difficulty with reading or spelling may be hindered by hearing loss.  If your child fails their school screening or you have concerns about their academic performance, talk to your child’s pediatrician and seek a professional evaluation.

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