Farm Life ….Peaceful, but not so Quiet

Today we celebrate the agriculture community where so many Hoosiers, and even Midwesterners, have their roots.  Here in Hancock County, it is 4-H week.  Many who live in metropolitan areas today remember farming activities as a part of their formative years, if not directly, often indirectly.  Visitors to our state drive by corn fields, soybean […]

The Month of May Brings Noise to Speedway

This past Saturday, I attended Qualifying at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  I had the opportunity to “take-in” the event with a  young man who was a first time attendee.  It is always a great treat to experience the excitement of a first time attendee.  We first noticed the “roar” when we were on 10th Street and […]

Will Your Smoke Alarm Wake You Up?

This weekend, we had the privilege of partnering with the Sugar Creek Fire Department in New Palestine for their annual safety fair.  The event sparked my interest in Fire Safety for the hearing impaired and after reviewing research I discovered traditional smoke alarms like the one in my home are not very effective at waking […]