Dance Floor Noise Dose

During the recent basketball tournament in Indianapolis, a party was held for fans in the Grand Hall at historic Union Station.

Like most parties, there was a band on a stage playing popular tunes in front of a dance floor.  I used a personal noise dosimeter (ER-200) to estimate my noise dose.

The photo and video represent the distance from the stage (20-25 feet).  I knew the music was louder than I enjoy, but I was shocked to learn my estimated noise dose was 400% per hour!  That means for the four hour party the estimated dose would be 1600%!

A noise dose is a measurement of noise exposure based on time and noise level.  A 100% noise dose is the limit of permissible exposure.  At this event in this venue that exposure was reached in approximately 15 minutes.  Just imagine what the exposure was closer to the stage on the dance floor.

When you encounter hazardous noise levels, limit your time exposure, walk away, or use hearing protection.  Noise-induced hearing loss is preventable.


DISCLAIMER:  This example is for educational purposes.  The dosimeter predicts average risk, not individual risk.  The ER-200 provides a good estimate of noise dose as a screening device.

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