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Hearing Aids

It is an exciting time to treat the hearing impaired with today’s technology. The tools in the hand of the audiologist are better than ever. The features to reduce feedback, provide comfort, and improve communication, especially in background noise, improve the quality of life and communication experience for the patient and their loved ones. Many of today’s devices are available in an attractive size and style.

We Offer Only The Best in Hearing Aid Products

Hoosier Hear Gear is a local owned and operated business.  We have chosen to partner with some of the best manufacturers in the business in order to offer quality hearing aid products to you.

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Meet Our Audiologist

Dr. Teresa SmithDr. Teresa Smith earned her doctoral degree from A.T. Still University.  She has a master’s degree in Communication Disorders from Auburn University.  In addition, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences from Indiana University.

Dr. Teresa Smith started Hoosier Hear Gear in 2009 as a provider of personal and public LOOP systems.  In 2013, Hoosier Hear Gear expanded services to include diagnostic audiology services as well as hearing aids.   Dr. Smith has twenty years of experience practicing full-time in a variety of settings including hospitals, ENT practices, and retail.


Hearing Aids – Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I receive services from Hoosier Hear Gear?
Comprehensive testing ensures we understand your unique level of hearing loss. Our experience gives you confidence to takes the right steps toward better hearing. State of the art hearing aids mean you can optimize your ability to hear. We believe educated patients are satisfied patients. We provide exceptional follow-up care and ongoing personalized customer service including hearing aid repairs.

What kinds of hearing aids are available?
A variety of hearing aids are available today from custom in the ear instruments some of which are minimally visible to instruments that fit behind the ear. Like most technical things today, advancement and change are constant. Today, patients can experience improved speech recognition in noise and greater sound comfort. Let us help you experience better hearing and hear the difference for yourself.

Are $100 hearing aids any good?
These inexpensive models are simply hearing amplifiers that will make everything louder (including all the ambient noises around you). They will not, for example, separate human voices from background noises, or hear directional sounds like today’s more sophisticated hearing aids are designed to do.

How much do hearing aids cost?
Hearing aids are expensive and vary in cost from 1500-6000. Price is determined by style and technology features.

Will my insurance cover hearing aids?
Most insurances do not cover hearing aids including Medicare. Check with your provider and review your individual policies. We will file with your provider if you have coverage.

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