New World Record For Noise!

Recently two NFC divisional rivals squared off on Sunday Night Football in the rain.  According to reports, a new world record was established when the visiting quarterback was sacked.  The great defensive play was cheered by the home town fans at a level of 131.9 deciBels!

I have enjoyed some exciting games where the crowd was loud and proud.  As an audiologist, I used earphones to soften the noise at the AFC championship game at Lucas Oil Stadium in 2010.  I wish I had a sound level meter after Jay Edwards stroked a buzzer beater in the Indiana/Michigan game at Assembly Hall in Bloomington in 1989.  I enjoyed both events, mostly because I was a fan of the winning team.  However, I wonder how loud the crowds were on those occasions!

As an audiologist, I feel compelled to share the dangers of such noise levels.  Did you know OSHA requires hearing protection be used by workers exposed to work noise at 85 deciBels?  Did you know the average MP3 player at full volume is only 100 deciBels?  Jet planes during take-off average 120 deciBels.  Are you getting the picture?

The recommended exposure time for sounds over 120 deciBels is less than 30 seconds!

October is National Protect Your Hearing Month!  The three best ways to protect your hearing is to 1) Walk Away From The Noise, 2) Turn Down The Volume, and 3) Wear Ear Protection.

Hoosier Hear Gear offers custom hearing protection devices for a variety of activities.  Use our contact form to find out more about how we can help you!

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