Another Chronic Disease & Hearing Loss

What disease afflicts nearly 26 million in the US?  It increases your risk for stroke by two to four times.  It is the leading cause of new cases of blindness?  It is the leading cause of kidney failure?  It attributes to more than 60% of non-traumatic lower limb amputations?  If you haven’t already guessed, the disease is diabetes and November is diabetes awareness month.

Those who live with the disease know best that diabetes impacts their quality of life in many areas and influences their health in many areas.  I would like to raise your awareness of its impact on hearing.

According to NIH (National Institute of Health), diabetics are twice as likely to have hearing loss as non-diabetics.  Adults with pre-diabetes had a 30% higher rate of hearing loss.  The research suggests the hearing loss results because the diabetic disease damages nerves and blood vessels in the inner ear.  Over time diabetics can experience progressive hearing loss.  Untreated hearing loss has been shown to negatively impact earning power and has been linked to depression, anxiety, and even cognitive decline.  Diabetics should have their hearing evaluated annually by a licensed audiologist

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