Fireworks Can Lead to Hearing Loss

The days are long and getting warmer.  Some might even say “hot”.   The grills are fired up. Swimming pools are popular. A long holiday weekend is just ahead.

We love baseball, apple pie, patriotic music, the flag, and fireworks. I can remember playing with Black Cat firecrackers as a child and backyard fireworks, even bottle rockets.  I have witnessed several spectacular public displays in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Indianapolis, and Louisville. All have been great! Maybe you will be taking in New Palestine’s celebration next Saturday, June 28 or the public fireworks demonstration at Greenfield High School.

Remember, fireworks can produce a sound output in the 150-170 decibel range. The World Health Organization recommends no exposure of more than 140dB of peak pressure for adults and 120dB for children.  Children  have smaller ears and loud sounds have a greater impact on them than adults.  Many children who have had chronic ear infections, attention deficit disorder, or sensory issues have increased tolerance difficulties for loud sounds.

Exposure to loud sounds can lead to tinnitus, temporary hearing loss, or even permanent hearing loss. Protect your hearing by wearing earplugs or earmuffs. Increase your distance from the explosion (at least 200 feet for children). ENJOY THE SHOW!

If you suspect a change in hearing or experience tinnitus, please consult your doctor. A hearing test is advised.

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