Fireworks Can Lead to Hearing Loss

The days are long and getting warmer.  Some might even say “hot”.   The grills are fired up. Swimming pools are popular. A long holiday weekend is just ahead. We love baseball, apple pie, patriotic music, the flag, and fireworks. I can remember playing with Black Cat firecrackers as a child and backyard fireworks, even […]

Many Baby Boomers Have A Hearing Impairment

65% of Americans under the age of 65 have hearing loss. One in six baby boomers have hearing impairment according to the Better Hearing Institute. The stigma that hearing loss is associated with aging is false. We live in a noisy world and many of us have had significant noise exposure either at work or […]

Does your hearing aid have a T-coil?

A T-coil, also known as a telecoil, is a tiny copper coil inside a hearing aid that’s primary function is to assist the hearing aid user with telephone communication. When the telephone receiver also has a telecoil, feedback (whistling) is eliminated. A T-coil also means your hearing aid can couple to assistive listening devices and […]

We Are Committed to Professional and Principled Services

At Hoosier Hear Gear, we are committed to providing professional services in a caring, compassionate manner. We pride ourselves on the services we provide and personally identify with our commitment to excellence. I had a great experience in graduate school at Auburn University. Most alums “gush” about their alma maters. I suppose I fall into […]

Sound! Stop! Listen! Think about it!

We are surrounded by sound every day, some pleasant, some, not so pleasant. Some might say “music to my ears”. Others might say …”I don’t like noise. I prefer quiet”. Those of us who have normal hearing can think of many sounds we enjoy, sometimes more than others. Those of us who are hearing impaired, […]

Why Audiology? (Personal reflections on a chosen career)

I decided to pursue a career in Audiology during my junior year at IU. I, like many of you, had little idea what an Audiologist was or did. I really enjoyed the undergraduate class taught by Jeff Cokely, Ph.D. When I took that class it was “like a light bulb went off” and I had […]